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This library contains the Rust Binding for Treelite Runtime API.

Simple Example

use fehler::throws;
use ndarray::Array2;
use treerite::{DMatrix, Predictor, TreeRiteError};

fn main() {
   let model = Predictor::load("examples/", 1).unwrap();

   let feat: Vec<f64> = vec![7.7, 2.8, 6.7, 2.];

   let pred: Array2<f64> = model.predict_batch(&DMatrix::from_slice(&feat)?, false, false)?;
   println!("{:?}", pred);

The main entry point is the Predictor struct and DMatrix struct.

Take a look at the document on these two structs for more information.


Data matrix used in Treerite.

Loader for compiled shared libraries.