ConnectorX: Accelerating Data Loading From Databases to Dataframes


Data is often stored in a database management system (DBMS) but dataframe libraries are widely used among data scientists. An im- portant but challenging problem is how to bridge the gap between databases and dataframes. To solve this problem, we present Con- nectorX, a client library that enables fast and memory-efficient data loading from various databases (e.g.,PostgreSQL, MySQL, SQLite, SQLServer, Oracle) to different dataframes (e.g., Pandas, PyArrow, Modin, Dask, and Polars). We first investigate why the loading pro- cess is slow and why it consumes large memory. We surprisingly find that the main overhead comes from the client-side rather than query execution and data transfer. We integrate several existing and new techniques to reduce the overhead and carefully design the system architecture and interface to make ConnectorX easy to extend to various databases and dataframes. Moreover, we propose server-side result partitioning that can be adopted by DBMSs in order to better support exporting data to data science tools. We conduct extensive experiments to evaluate ConnectorX and com- pare it with popular libraries. The results show that ConnectorX significantly outperforms existing solutions. ConnectorX is open sourced at: